The Supertech Group proudly houses the renowned Isetta Bar Restaurant and Coffee Bars. From enjoying a delicious meal to sipping on that perfect gourmet coffee, the Isetta Bar is a beacon of indulgence for our customers to enjoy.

The iconic BMW Isetta vintage car, is the perfect quirky classic car. The ground-breaking vehicle took the BMW brand to a new level in the mid 1900’s and set the tone of innovation.  Just getting into the Isetta is something of interest as you would need to unlatch the big front door and watch the steering column swivel out of the way so you can squeeze into the tiny bench seat.

The BMW engine buzzes into life with a turn of the dinky ignition key, pushing a full force of 13bhp.


Isetta Bar Restaurant

The fully fledged Isetta Bar Restaurant is located at Supertech Durban and Supertech Pinetown.

Run by internationally certified professional chefs, the restaurant offers a wide range of items from breakfasts to burgers, pastas and grills, not to mention a fine selection of delicious confectionaries from pastries to cakes.

With full meals costing on average R50, it is a delicious alternative at and affordable rate for customers, guests to the restaurants and those that are looking for a good place to have lunch.  


Isetta Coffee Bar

All six Supertech Dealerships have a dedicated Isetta Coffee bar, offering clients a range of fantastic gourmet coffees, from espressos, to lattes and a favourite for many…cappuccino. Each cup is individually prepared with fine ingredients and presented in BMW style.

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